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Dual screens anyone?


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I must admit I don't really know what to do with my sbc's.  After getting them set up there is nothing more I could think of to use them for.  I guess part of the fun is in getting them set up, and to run them cool during native kernel builds.  Just so it's not a complete waste of money,  I spent more (though not a lot) to add dual screens to some of them. Any ideas what else I could use them for? I already have music players (a lot of them, DACs), NAS, home control, security camera, what else do you use them for? I haven't left any of them outside in the sun yet to try out solar power.


So, I added dual screens to these ones (left to right,  counter clockwise) nanopi neo core, bananapi m1 (original banana pi),  pcduino 4 nano (same as nanopi m1), bananapi m2 (a31s),  and raspberry pi 3. All of them have two separate SPI channels, it was fun in making them, getting videos to play in dual screens (though not accelerated, but still ran fine in software), but now what?





Almost forgot, all of them are running Armbian next (except the raspberry) and thanks for the good work here!!!.

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37 minutes ago, arox said:

Add 2 branches to make stereo glasses :rolleyes::D;)

Great idea, I have attached a camera to a raspberry before but not in stereo mode. I guess I could do that to one of these with a similar setup - using a game pad with cell phone holder and reuse the portable battery. I have seen it done before with edge detection on one side. 




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