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Quick review of NanoPi Fire3

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On 4/17/2020 at 2:05 PM, dolphs said:

rgd NanoPi Fire3-LTS is it possible with kernel >=5.6 to (over)clock this board to 1.6GHz ( or even 1.8Ghz ) stable

Might be a lovely pick for my new server since the H5 boards are hard to get currently ( at friendlyarm at least )

Been a while since I been on these forums but if I remember correctly when I did get it to 1.6ghz the temps were quite high on load even with copper shims decent thermal paste. 


I use mine for mining still going strong all 10 of them in a cluster.

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Hello, I never mined anything before, but after I ve read some articles I ve become very interested in finding out more about mining with ARM boards.


and  https://climbers.net/sbc/nanopi-fire3-arm-supercomputer/

Please give me a hint:

-A ruff estimate of how much crypto ( equivalent in USD ) I will mine in a month with 10 x NanoPI Fire3 boards ?  

-Do you know a better board for this task than NanoPI Fire3 ?


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55 minutes ago, FeFarming said:

-Do you know a better board for this task than NanoPI Fire3 ?

N2+ or Khadas VIM3. They're the only ones that have more performance than this SoC.

I've got the NanoPC T3+ with this SoC. Single core performance isn't great. But multi-core it is amazing. Faster than the RK3399.
Here some old benchmarks. For you the CPUMiner scores are important.

64-bit SBC's   
Odroid N2+           Clock S/C    | B/C         | Blender   | 7z S/C    | 7Z B/C | CPUMiner  
Ubuntu Bionic 4.9    2.02Ghz        2.40Ghz       11m20s      1755        2504      14       

Khadas VIM3            |SBC bench result  |CPU Miner      |7-zip s/c A53 |7-zip b/c A73 |7-zip multi avg. of 3 |Blender 
Ubuntu 18.04.02         http://ix.io/1MFD  13.10kH/s           1577       2311           10578                  42m51s	
Armbian@1.9S.C./1.7B.C. http://ix.io/1NRJ

Odroid N2              |SBC bench result  |CPU Miner      |7-zip s/c A53 |7-zip b/c A73 |7-zip multi avg. of 3 |Blender    
Ubuntu Bionic           http://ix.io/1Brv  11.35kH/s           1564       1879           9988                   50m28s

NanoPC T3+             |SBC bench result  |CPU Miner          |7-zip s/c |7-zip b/c     |7-zip multi avg. of 3 |Blender    
Armbian Bionic          http://ix.io/1iRJ  10.99kH/s           1290                      10254                  1h10m25s    
Arbmian Stretch         http://ix.io/1qiF  8.55kH/s            1275                      10149                  1h13m55s    

Rock Pi 4B             |SBC bench result  |CPU Miner          |7-zip s/c |7-zip b/c     |7-zip multi avg. of 3 |Blender    
Ubuntu                  http://ix.io/1uVr  9.50kH/s            1242       1818           7802                   1h17m22s

NanoPi M4              |SBC bench result  |CPU Miner          |7-zip s/c |7-zip b/c     |7-zip multi avg. of 3 |Blender   
Armbian bionic hz1000   http://ix.io/1nLh  10.23kH/s           1335       2005           8352                   1h13m50s   
 CONFIG_HZ=250          http://ix.io/1BLW  10.45kH/s           1335       2007           8320                   1h08m28s
Armbionic@1.4/1.8 hz250                                        1253       1828           7821                   1h12m52s

Armbian bionic nightly  http://ix.io/1pDo  10.24kH/s           1329       1990           8292                   1h13m28s  
Armbian stretch desktop http://ix.io/1odF  8.66kH/s            1350       1977           8400                   1h14m12s   
Armbian stretch dsk nightly  //ix.io/1pM0  8.80kH/s            1359       1993           8500                   1h15m04s   
Armbian stretch core no fan  //ix.io/1pKU  8.80-8.65kH/s       1353       1989           8461
Armbian stretch core         //ix.io/1pL9  8.76kH/s            1354       1988           8456
Armbian stretch core nightly //ix.io/1pLf  8.82kH/s            1357       1994           8494
Lubuntu Bionic arm64    http://ix.io/1oGJ  9.24kH/s CPU Miner  1056       1551           6943                   1h28m13s             
Lubuntu Bionic armhf    http://ix.io/1pJ1                      1111       1769           7705                   2h02m54s   
Lubuntu Xenial armhf	http://ix.io/1oCb                      989        1507           6339                   2h20m51s  

Khadas Vim2 Max        |SBC bench result  |CPU Miner          |7-zip s/c |7-zip b/c     |7-zip multi avg. of 3 |Blender  
Ubuntu Xenial           http://ix.io/1qkA  6.86kH/s            823        1134           6682                   1h14m39s      7-zip only 600% of 800% used

It would be hard to make enough money to repay the devices, and power.
The Odroid N2+ is one of the most energy efficient SBCs around. When maxed out on CPUs it only consumes 6W. Most others need double of that for half the performance.

These days mining isn't done on computer hardware but on specialized hardware. So with a few SBCs you can't compete with these ASICs.
But if you use solar power then you've got the big advantage that you don't need to pay for energy costs. What's the biggest cost for ASICs. If you really want to do this, then do your research well. Else it's a probable moneypit. But at least you can enjoy the SBCs.

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Yeah, mining is competitive enough today that you either need an edge (e.g. subsidized electricity) or spend a lot of time on optimization to do better than break-even. Especially true since some are even happy mining at a loss (e.g. circumventing currency regulation or money laundering).


You could still look into staking, though - Ethereum is migrating away from PoW(mining) to PoS (staking) and there are already Tezos, Cardano, Cosmos and others. The good news is that a decent SBC or two should be good enough for that.



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Добрый день!

Подскажите, где можно скачать драйвер GPIO на эту плату для python3?


Good day! Tell me where you can download the GPIO driver for this board for python3?

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