Odroid C2: next and dev kernels do recognize USB hard-drives

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15 hours ago, getreu said:

Kernel configuration issue?

I've just upgrade my NanoPi-K2, not upgraded since almost a year, with fresh build 4.18.12 ...

To my surprise, USB dongle was not appearing while doing "lsusb" !

Search on google with some warning seen in "dmesg", I found this unresolved thread : https://www.spinics.net/lists/linux-usb/msg168724.html

Doing the same workaround that the guy explain, doing "lsusb -v", make the dongle appearing ...


Strange issue ! Maybe you should try that too ...


EDIT : doing "ls usb -v" workaround is effectively working ...

And strangely, if a dongle is already present, adding another one doesn't require to do a "lsusb -v" again. It is only required when USB hub is empty ...



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1 minute ago, TonyMac32 said:

I have seen them not recognize devices if they weren't plugged in on boot, but I haven't gotten into it uet

Hi Tony,


Some more details of my previous EDIT have been lost during previous EDIT. I added them again : if "lsusb -v" make devices appears, then any new USB hot-plug is successfull, the bug is only related on the first hot-plug ...

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