Lite2: can someone share a working image with me?

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Latest doesn't seem to work at all, so something like 5.59 4.18.0-rc7-sunxi64 mentioned here would be ideal.


Alternatively is there a way I can build old version myself? I ran

./compile docker BOARD=orangepilite2 BRANCH=dev

but resulting image doesn't work also.

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32 minutes ago, xaduha said:

Doesn't boot as far as I can tell, red LED. If that's normal, then I'll check further.


I ordered some USB-TTL, but I don't have it yet. Images that I got from official site work (android and ubuntu).

Probably it boots up just fine. We have a recent test report confirming that.

Official images are based on a Linux 3.10.y which is EOL and code is a terrible state. It's not worth investing precious time into this. Allwinner H6 support for modern kernel is just not there yet while most of the basic things already works for months. HDMI could be also brought up, but it's simply too expensive in the present state. 

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18 minutes ago, xaduha said:

Maybe it's a good idea to keep at least one of those when a report is made?


Armbian has a deterministic compilation process. If an image for this board with a kernel 4.19.1 works, there is a (almost) 99.9% certainty that auto created image with a kernel 4.19.9 works as well. There were no related changes in the source between those two builds.

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