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  1. MQTT test on Orange Pi Lite

    I use mosquitto as a MQTT broker on my opi+2e and it works well. It can be installed from standard repo, just do: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install mosquitto Before you can publish or subscribe to any topic, you have to install some clients: apt-get install mosquitto-clients Then you can send data (publish) to the broker on a topic, and/or get them (subscribe): # publish 32.5 value to topic sensor/temperature on localhost mosquitto_pub -h localhost -t sensor/temperature -m 32.5 # subscribe to topic sensor/temperature on localhost: it waits until ctrl+c for any publish values mosquitto_sub -h localhost -t "sensor/temperature" To test your local broker, you have to write the subscribe command in a terminal and the publish one in another and you can repeat the publish one with different values. You should see the values appearing in the subscribe terminal. You can also use node-red to manipulate MQTT message with other protocols or sources or targets for your data. You'll find easily some tutorials on the internet.
  2. rk3288 alternative boards (cheap tv boxes).

    Rock2 images are no more available on Radxa servers. I saw in the same thread that firefly images seems to be also compatible. There is an ubuntu 16.04 image from may 2017. Most of these images should be flashed to emmc instead of running directly from sd card. Is there a procedure to change such images and run them directly from a sd card? Or is it possible to burn (eg. with etcher) them and it just works?
  3. rk3288 alternative boards (cheap tv boxes).

    I tested MiQi image without any success. Like you, I have no output on hdmi and my UT3S does not seem to boot since the power led shut down after a few seconds. I have no time to investigate more, but will try as soon as possible. I tried to look for a dts or dtb without any success.
  4. rk3288 alternative boards (cheap tv boxes).

    I made only a few tests on my UT3S received some days ago. I successfully upgrade firmware using win10 and androidtool. I flashed last official firmware being v3.1 (Android 5). It removes the dual boot with xubuntu 15.04. However, the bootloader allow me to boot from an sdcard if one is inserted. So I burnt an official xubuntu 14.10 image on a card and it's booting successfully. This image from Ugoos can be found here:
  5. rk3288 alternative boards (cheap tv boxes).

    I saw it in a comment on a youtube video and I try it to see if it was working before posting it here.
  6. rk3288 alternative boards (cheap tv boxes).

    You can actually buy Ugoos UT3S 2GB/16GB on gearbest for less than 40$ (or 36.50€) with GBUT3S coupon: There is already a dualboot between android and ubuntu, so it's maybe easier to port armbian to it.
  7. ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X

    I can confirm that I use AV output for audio speaker and that I have 1.8GB reported in armbian since I have 2GB/16GB version of X96.
  8. rk3288 alternative boards (cheap tv boxes).

    Maybe this thread can help you :
  9. ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X

    It's for the IR receiver which is not integrated on the board. I got this box too and I can confirm that it works well with balbes150 image (just test with mate, but downloaded latest with xfce). I just modified lowest freq to 250MHz instead of 100, since I found it not very responsive for a desktop usage.
  10. preview Asus Tinkerboard

    Yes, you're right. I answered too clickly. I was thinking of most amlogic or allwinner socs integrated in sbcs that are Mali4xx.
  11. preview Asus Tinkerboard

    I think you should have a look at this link: and this one: I hesitate to buy this board for playing with linux and opencl since Mali4xx are not able to do that. Please, give us some feedback if you achieve to run linux 4.x on it.
  12. They rename the section and know, kernel 4.4 no more appear in the title. It was too good to be true :(. Is there somewhere with some more info about that new release? I don't find anything.
  13. Modified link point to, which returns a 404 error .
  14. Hi, I saw several urls referencing nightlies/test images when looking at different posts within the forum: - -*boardname*/ Which one should be used? or maybe should I have to build one from my own (following the first post recommandations to use dev target)? If the second url is to be used, maybe the 1rst post of this topic should be updated to be consistent with nightly images referenced in the download page of each board.
  15. I made a test on my banana pro with latest beta image (4.9.0). In alsamixer, the card is labelled sun4i-codec and it does not show any pcm output, only Power Amplifier and DAC items. There is no other device listed. When testing the sound output with: speaker-test - Dplug:front -c2, like described in man page. It fails with message relating to pcm.c in Alsa lib about unknown PCM card cards.pcm.front. Without specifying front, i got missing field pcm also within pcm.c.