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  1. @xoodoo You have access to the source code so you are free to work on support for your box. I don't think you understand how much time and effort what you are requesting takes, however. Having never heard of your box model, and I suspect no one around these forums has this box, you are likely on your own.
  2. As was stated in the FAQ, don't expect to get working wifi on these TV boxes. I have over 10 different boxes and wifi doesn't work on any of them. If you need/want wifi, the best way is through a usb wifi adapter.
  3. Are you sure your dtb file maps to the correct wifi? The purpose of the dtb is to map the hardware to the kernel. If you don't have the correct dtb you will never get the correct driver to load.
  4. I hadn't heard of volumio before you mentioned it. I see that it packages/repackages balbes150's work. But it is ancient code - from 2018 and using kernel 3.14. This will be incompatible with the Armbian (assuming you have 5.9 kernel installed on emmc) as well. The scripts changed a lot over time. You can't mix and match different boot scripts. Unless you know otherwise, assume that you can't install/use more than one os. The only recommended way to switch is to revert the box to an original android firmware, and then use the os you are trying to install's installation instructions. All of the 'install linux on amlogic tvbox' scripts are assuming you are starting from a clean android box, not something whose environment has been messed with by other installation scripts.
  5. The Armbian and CoreElec systems have different and conflicting booting scripts. When you enable multiboot (the toothpick) you are storing the uboot environment script on emmc and this then gets used for future boots for all media (emmc, sd, usb). So you can't just install various different OSs and expect them to work as they all depend on the uboot environment stored on emmc for the system to know how to boot them. Basically you can't do what you are attempting to do on an amlogic based box. In fact due to the incompatabilities between CoreElec and Armbian, it is required that if you install/attempt to install CE, that you will need to restore your box to an original android firmware in order to get it back into a state that Armbian will again work on it.
  6. Can you attach the file instead of cutting and pasting the contents. I am looking at the lines in your screen capture that say: Ignoring unknown command: Ignoring unknown command: Ignoring unknown command: Ignoring unknown command: Ignoring unknown command: FDT Ignoring unknown command: APPEND It seems as if it is ignoring all the lines of your extlinux.conf file. Is there anything you see that looks unusual? Did you edit the file on a windows machine (perhaps windows CR/LF characters) - just making a guess.
  7. Can you post your extlinux.conf file? Based on the screen shot, errors are being reported when reading the conf file
  8. Adding to what balbes150 said, there is no support of these chips in mainline modern kernels. Obviously there is support (poor if you look at the source code) in legacy kernels and therefore Android. But the focus of Armbian is mainline and therefore from the perspective of Armbian, these chips are completely unsupported and really unsupportable.
  9. @xoodoo Please read the following FAQ post: While the above posted thread on rk3399 support will give you information on the status of the rk3399, the latest balbes150 build with rk3399 support can be found here: I installed and ran the above build on a Magicsee M6 Max rk3399 box. I don't know about the box you linked to above, but you can try the different u-boots and dtb files and you may find something that will work for you.
  10. @giga What armbian tv box builds have you tried? What instructions have you tried? What dtb's have you tried? I don't have this box but have armbian running on a different rk3399 based box.
  11. @Arek Rybak I would recommend that you read the two TV Box FAQ posts: What dtb's have you tried. On my x96 mini boxes I am using /dtb/amlogic/meson-gxl-s905w-p281.dtb
  12. @RetroFan90 you are getting that message because of what the message is saying: WSL is not a supported build environment. If you want to do a build on windows you will need to do it inside a VM like VirtualBox. The supported build environments are discussed in the documentation on the website.
  13. @Jason Duhamell Please don't post large files inline. Use the "Spoiler" feature to hide long attachments (the icon that looks like an eyeball). It makes it much easier to read these threads without having to scroll through large files.