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    Wizzard got a reaction from starman345 in default resolution change   
    to add this line to /boot/armbianEnv.txt
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    Wizzard reacted to perfstr in How to boot to console silently and without cursor blinking   
    Hello Everyone, I would like to share my experience about how to boot Orange Pi almost silently in console mode (eliminate a lot of kernel messages on startup) without desktop and remove cursor blinking that can cause black rectangle appearing over white background, when painting to framebuffer. Many options that proposed as being able to reduce kernel messages on boot didn't work for me. So based on Armbian documentation I started to experience with armbianEnv.txt file in the /boot folder. The extraargs setting was not part of the default armbianEnv.txt file, but appeared in BOOT.CMD file. The setting
    extraargs=vt.global_cursor_default=0 quiet
    solved both above problems. Hope this will be helpful for somebody else.
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    Wizzard reacted to Werner in xpad driver on latest Armbian   
    Aight, will do. I'll edit here once its finished.
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    Wizzard reacted to Werner in xpad driver on latest Armbian   
    I do not have this board so I cannot test that.
    I create a new image with generic joystick support and added all available models as modules. Let me know if it works.
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    Wizzard reacted to Werner in xpad driver on latest Armbian   
    Did a quick check. xpad module seems to be missing in sunxi kernel configs while it is present in rk* und some other. I'll look into
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    Wizzard got a reaction from TRS-80 in Pinebook Pro   
    I must say I am very satisfied with Armbian. Using it as my primary OS now. Just the graphics acceleration is not perfect yet (Retroarch, PP Racer etc.), but it is really usable. Keep on good work!