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    P.P.A. got a reaction from gounthar in 4kp30 video on Orange Pi Lite and mainline hardware acceleration   
    Am I understanding it correctly that it works as follows?
    LibreElec patches the kernel to make use of the SoC's VPU. (Some of these patches make their way upstream eventually, but that's a slow process.) It also forks ffmpeg, which is patched to recognise these new kernel features & to make use of them. Kodi then refers to ffmpeg to access them.
    What would be necessary for players other than Kodi—mpv or VLC for example—to benefit from this as well? And what is the role of libva, VAAPI, and these other things in this process?
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    P.P.A. got a reaction from guidol in Allwinner H5 phased out?   
    Xunlong is putting out another batch of H5 devices at the end of the month.
    Is there any particular reason to go with a H5 board these days? As I understand it, the advantage it has over the H3 are the gigabit ethernet and the 64-bit architecture, while being a bit more mature on mainline and Armbian than the H6 or similar Rockchips?