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  1. This is the second LIME2 board I have received that just won't turn on. I have also tried with the images recommended by Olimex, to no avail. Is there something special that needs to be done that I'm missing?

    owever, nothing happens when I plug in power (except that a red light near the barrel jack connector turns on).


    Second LIME2!!!

    Try first changing the microSD used or the card writer. Or also try changing the power source.

    Is more common to have problems with power or microSD than have one or two problematic boards.

    As tkaiser alwais "dixit" (latin jargon).

  2. FWIW - in case others have a similar issue, the problem was quite simple - the system 'disk' was full.  Even though there was enough space to do other tasks, and start the UI manually, it apparently didn't have enough to start at boot.  After space was cleared, it resumed working as expected.

    Is a classic problem on Linux, so keep disk with a clean gap, maybe using CLI trash application like : trash-cli and using this with trash-empty commnad with normal an root users.


    I take mental note because in the future I'm sure this problem return.

  3. would it be possible to make a ramdisk script, that would dump the whole firefox install on to ram and run it from there ? After the browser closes, every change gets dumped back to sd card.

    Just so non emmc users get a better experience.

    In theory, yes. You can find a lot of literature about this: 

    I do not have a clear opinion about using RAM in this way when you don't have a lot of RAM for the rest of the OS and the Web browser. But maybe if you go deep you can share your experiences.

  4. Thank you for keeping Armbian clean and functional. The CLI version is all that is ever needed. For graphical ( mostly remote ) access I personally prefer lean and fast LXDE over XFCE. The modular approach of Armbian makes it easy to set up whatever one considers a "smooth, high quality desktop". 


    A typical example of flashy useless "technology" is Wayland - no transparent networking means pretty useless for SBCs and embedded projects.


    I use also X applications but without installing all the Xserver and going remotely exporting the X using SSH:

    ssh -X user@armbian-ip

    In this way you can use graphical file manager or develop small things using remotely geary. Here you can see an example on my Raspberry Pi:

    Over a server version you only install the application desired and all the dependencies.

  5. For me, the best H3 web browsing experience is with Firefox on a Beelink X2 using Armbian on the internal NAND. The difference between Beelink X2 (1GB RAM + armbian on NAND) vs Orange Pi One (512MB RAM + Samsung EVO) is very significant, is not like my core i5 with 4GB of RAM but is more or less decent.

  6. Maybe something or someone changed the starts scripts and remove the line that autostart the desktop.

    If you have a bad or poor quality microSD card or power source is probably that during updates the start file ends corrupt and the desktop won't boot.


    You must have a file /etc/nodm.conf with this content


    Or you can try just add  in /etc/rc.local this line :

    su -c root startx

    Save and reboot your system.

  7. Hey everyone,


    First off, I don't use Linux often so please bear with me if I miss out on obvious things.  I have a few Orange Pi Lite boards, and after booting up Armbian 5.14 I was excited to give the Wifi a try after only having ethernet on my Orange Pi One boards.  My OPi Lite sees my network just fine, but when I put in my credentials and go to connect to it, it fails returning "Bad Password".  For what it's worth, I've checked the password probably 25+ times, I promise it's right.  The wifi WILL connect to open networks, however.  Is there some obvious solution that I'm missing here?


    Any help or direction would be appreciated.  Thanks!


    We are having similar problems with Beelink X2 here

  8. Do you have any exotic characters in your password that might be a problem?


    As I have said in previous postings I have no problems connecting to my wifi with wpa security. But my password consists only of lowercase a-z letters and a _ sign.


    Nop, I don't use spanish (easy for me to include) characters like Ñ ñ is more or less plain than your password.

    Thanks @slinde I don't have time to test in nexts weeks, so don't worry about this.


    I found another thread it is related to the same problem with some installations.