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  1. Some minor issues related to @tkaiser armbian image, both of then:

    • lock the /var/dpkg after first apt update , so I need to manually fix before run apt upgrade
    • I can't make the system boot directly to armbian, I need to start Android -> insert the uSD card with armbian > go to a Terminal previously installed on Android > switch to root user (my device is factory rooted) > reboot
    • I configure the screen using h3disp with 1080p60 as I use with other boards. With the Desktop image, the tty are 1080p  and Ok but the Desktop is recognized by the TV as an 1080p but only room 3/4 of the screen.


  2. OK, following commands was never tested on my armbian boards but I used long time ago on Raspberry Pi with Raspbian:

    sudo apt-get install vsftpd

    Edit and config the server:

    sudo nano /etc/vsftpd.conf

    Uncomment this lines:


    Save the changes and restart the server:

    sudo service vsftpd restart

    Now you maybe can connect to the insecure ftp server using:

    the IP of your armbian machine

    the user and password you configure in the first run.


    Here you can found more info about vsftpd


  3. No, my kernel is 3.0.8+ older than galland version.

    I saw the new merged commit to the mainline but I'm not considering to spend time compiling or whatever. The boards works for me and ... if it works you don't  need to fix it.

    This evening or tomorrow I try to copy xorg.conf and share in paste.bin but I don't have a clear idea about the conf because I don't want to mingle with my config files:

    Can you specify what files do you want?

  4. Here you can find a reasonable support for the cheap Beelink X2 with 1GB of RAM and 8GB. It can be used as low profile desktop PC and can be more capable than you think with Linux.

    But the BeelinkX2 have a small problem related to your idea, if you choose to replace Android with Armbian in the internal memory you loose also the access to the microSD card.

    Here you can see some pictures and the size compared to a Raspberry Pi and an Orange Pi One. 

    Maybe is interesting to use a Orange Pi PC with case and a 64GB microSD card.