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    malaga reacted to Ucino in Motioneye (OPI)   
    Thanks a lot for your reply. As I'm using CSI camera, it seems that I need for the moment legacy. On
    Debian Strech next is mainline, no ? So the best choice could be Debian Jessy Default for motion eye + CSI camera ?
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    malaga reacted to Moklev in Motioneye (OPI)   
    Yes, for CSI camera you must stay on legacy (Jessie dafault).
    CSI on mainline is on WIP stage.
    Main difference is Motion 3.2.12 (instead of 4.01). Next kernel 4.14.18 is more stable than 3.x (uptime: weeks vs few days). On Jessie may need "deb multimedia" packages for a recent ffmpeg version.
    I recommend you a good USB camera H264/MJPEG capable.