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I'm not sure what will and won't be a worthy overlay to put directly into Armbian itself with the current script structure, I intend to document the ones I add here, @martinayotte may as well if he's bored.  :-P


I will be focusing on RPi GPIO compatibles, since those are nice pre-packaged devices in general.  I have Tinker, RockPi 4, Le Potato/K2/C2, Tritium H2+/3/5, Rock64, Renegade, and some others.


Everything here is a placeholder at the moment.


  Tinker Le Potato Meson64 Renegade Tritium
Automation Hat          
Generic DAC (Pi)          
MCC 118 DAQ          
MicroDot PHAT          
Inky WHAT (e-ink)          
ENC28J60 for Pi          


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4 hours ago, martinayotte said:

don't think the above list are part of that

I agree, which is why this is not under normal development as a topic.  There is the reality, however, that people buying RPi-shaped boards want support for RPi peripherals and accessories, so my thought is to discuss ways to support that, while implementing a few on a platform that only has 1 board with gpio anyway (Rockchip).  If it must be that I have a fork of the build system and stuff all of this in "user patches" then so be it, but I think we need to come up with a way to handle this per board rather than per family.

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