Armbian gets stuck while booting

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I have an Orange Pi Plus 2, the H3 variant with 16Gb inbuilt memory. I have previously installed armbian Xenial on the internal EMMC 16GB memory. The Armbian installed worked great at the time. I have since not touched the device for a couple of months. 

While turning the Orange Pi Plus 2 on again the following mesage appeared. 



The power supply is not the problem, I have a good 5V 3A power supply. I couldn't find a solution to the problem above.

So I installed the newest version of Armbian Xenial on a empte sd card. The sd card is 16Gb, this sd card has been used before with the Raspberry Pi without a problem. 

After using Etcher to install the image on the sd, I put the sd card in the sd card slot. The Orange Pi Plus 2 should boot from the sd card by default first. After turning the Orange Pi Plus 2 on, I got the following message.



This is an image from the Armbian bootloader initialiser. The Orange Pi Plus 2 is stuck at this screen, I have tried waiting for an hour without progress. I have tried unplugging all usb devices and restarting the Orange Pi Plus 2, but the same message appears.

I have also tried another sd card, a 64Gb Sandisk extreme sd card, and I get the same result.


Does somebody know what is wrong and how to fix it?

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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

11 hours ago, Igor said:

- how/with what do you power your board?

- is there anything plugged to the USB?


I am currently powering the board via the GPIO pins, I canno't power the board via the barrel jack connector now because I dont have the right size barrel jack. The power supply I do have can provide enough for 5V and 3A.


I have nothing plugged in via USB.

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Did you power the board the same way beforehand?  May be unlikely but is there any chance to measure the voltage on the USB port of the board to see if there is too much voltage drop across the wires and the board?

Btw on eBay you can get an USB to DC 4,0-1,7 barrel connector for about a dollar or two including shipping from China.

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