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Did you power the board the same way beforehand?  May be unlikely but is there any chance to measure the voltage on the USB port of the board to see if there is too much voltage drop across the wires and the board?

Btw on eBay you can get an USB to DC 4,0-1,7 barrel connector for about a dollar or two including shipping from China.

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hi there,


I just rebooted my rockpi 4b after a kernel update (i run armbian on emmc). i think this updated really f*cked up the rockpi.


board wont turn on, no output to screen, only green light turns on, have not seen the red light blink since.


i'm pretty sad about this.


Can't supply any more information for obvious reasons.....


time to buy a asus pn50 and just run regular ubuntu. I'm done with SBC with weird hardware.

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