Request for new Video about current state of Armbian project

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The video from the "BalCCon2K17 conference presentation", seen here, is getting kind of old now.  I really enjoyed it (thanks @Igor) , however, could a newer video please be made, and posted there instead (or in addition to the old one, maybe above it)?


I'd like to hear how Armbian has progressed in the last 2 years, since that last video was made. 


Perhaps questions like the following could be addressed?


  • What are the best, fastest new boards since that time, which have earned a status of "Supported"?  For example, which boards have very stable SATA, M.2/NVMe ports/slots which are great for potentially making a NAS out of?  Maybe with RAID?  (This might be an advantageous differentiator from the Raspberry Pi 4, which of course has no SATA, nor M.2/NVMe).
  • What new trends in the community have happened in the last 2 years?
  • What changes have happened in Armbian in the last 2 years?
  • What changes have happened in the Armbian build process, and build tools?
  • What common "killer apps" do people use Armbian-installed SBC's for?  For example, a NAS?

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