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Problems after upgrade jessie -> stretch. (OPi PC+)




Hi there,

I have upgraded from Jessie to Stretch,

apt-get update

apt-get upgrade

change repo name in apt config files

update, upgrade.


Now I lost some functionality:

- X does not start, nor automatic nor manual, message "no screens found"

- Firefox crashes even before main window open, no error message (remote X).


In armbian-config I tried to install desktop, but command returns quite fast (much faster than on fresh Stretch).

It seems no distribution problem, because I have installed Stretch on another card and there everything works fine. (except extreme slow screen update on remote X).


What to check? How to repair?



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38 minutes ago, laurentppol said:

I have upgraded from Jessie to Stretch

We officially don't support such upgrades because they are out of our control. Sometimes this works well, but sometimes it totally fails. In this case it is expected - kernel 3.4.y is too old for Stretch. Desktop on legacy kernels is compiled for that kernel and will only work there ... and allow you video acceleration etc. Those libraries doesn't work on Debian Stretch or Buster ... repairing this mess would take me a day. How much you will need, I don't know.

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