X88 King S922X TV Box for Armbian


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19 hours ago, NicoD said:

Why do you need a remote with armbian? Have you tried replacing the batteries?




Armbian? I just use x88 king and no usb mouse no nothing, just the remote that it came with the android box.

I have tried to replace the batteries but it doesnt help.

So what to do? - How to fix it ?

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17 minutes ago, Eric35 said:


This is the Armbian forum... Armbian is a Linux distro where you don't need a remote control.

18 minutes ago, Eric35 said:

So what to do? - How to fix it ?

Go ask on an Android forum or a forum of the product manufacturer. You are at the wrong place here.

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On 1/4/2020 at 7:31 PM, ramoncio said:

Yesterday I ordered a X88 King for a good friend of mine who lives next door. He will just use kodi and very light gaming in Android, and he wanted a very fast box with good internal memory, and gigabit network, so he chose it amongst the rest of S922X devices we saw. No brainer, 80€ for this beast with 4Gb LPDDR4 and 128 Emmc is amazing.

I will be able to do armbian testing with it, I guess usb and Ethernet will get supported soon, I don't care much about wifi and BT atm. I have started to read some device trees tutorials to see if I can help with it.


If you have received the X88 King did you do any testing yet?

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Hi there,

I´ve bought the X88 King...but did not read this thread before i bought this box...my fault :wacko:.


The reason i´ve bought it was to run balbes Armbian...the box should be my "Server" for serveral services like "home automation, NAS, TVHEADEND-Server, Docker etc." in other words my Homeserver based on a low power ARM-system.


After I´ve tetsted several balbes-images ;-) and dtb´s to start I always get to the point which was mentionend here...no ethernet,no usb....


I´ve bought the X88 at ebay...no exchanfge...to spend 130 Bucks for the ugoos or the Odroid N2 wouldnt be my favourite,.


If there is ANY Chance to find a way to find a workaround to get usb OR ethernet up and runnning in armbian would be a dream.



So...please go on to investigate on X88 :-) ...it´s a real cheap and powerful platform of s922x.





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On 2/28/2020 at 12:41 PM, amirul said:

@arel I'm afraid without the correct device tree dtb, that is as far as we can get at the moment. Someone might be smart enough to figure it out. Good thing I got mine for cheap :)

....as far as I could see someone in russia is implementing, but based on Android Kernel,  a custom Android firmware....maybe they could help ?

...http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=971547&st=400 they (i guess) discussed several issues and solutions....maybe someone with russian tongue could help there....keep your fingers crossed...maybe some skills to extract dtb based on their kernel-source ? and to get it done to access usb......;-). 

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