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ncurses under ssh/PuTTY - messed up horizontal spacing


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OPiPC2, with Armbian Bionic
desktop mainline based kernel 4.19.y


Using it as headless server, all X and desktop stuff removed. Using PuTTY to log in via SSH, line drawing stuff (as usual) only works if translation is set to ISO-8859-1 in PuTTY.


mc looks great, but all ncurses-based software (aptitude, htop, bmon etc) does not. Main problem seems that horizontal spacing is "shrunk" whenever there is no text to keep it:




This is even more dramatic for menu systems and anything that is column-oriented. Tried dpkg-reconfigure locales to switch system to ISO-8859, but no change, really seems to be an ncurses bug. No such problems with other systems (Raspbian etc.).


Is this a known problem? Is there a workaround?



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40 minutes ago, hello_world.c said:

Thanks, but with this, now mc also doesn't show line drawing characters, and spacing in ncurses is still wrong.

OK ;)

from your apt-picture above it looks like you are NOT using a mono-font (every character the same width) so the spaces in your borders are to thin, because the space character isnt such as wide as a normal letter or sign.

for PuTTY I do use the mono-font Cousine (TTF format):


With the follwoing settings in armbian-config => Personal => Locales

and the following PuTTY-Settings I do get a good picture with lines - also in mc (Midnight Commander) :)


So you try my settings and tell me if it is getting better ;)








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My PuTTY font is Courier New which is monospace. I don't have Cuisine, but tried Consolas, same result.


With your exact settings, mc looks fine, but armbian-config does not:




No ncurses program (bmon, aptitude) shows ncurses line drawing characters when I choose UTF in PuTTY. Aptitude menu apparently is not ncurses and works like mc does:


but the dialogs seem to be ncurses so doesn't work:



With ISO translation in PuTTY, it's the opposite: mc is not showing line drawing:



but armbian-config (kind of) works, well, without background completely filled:



In aptitude, as expected, dialogs work:


but menu doesn't:



This is sooo messy... :-(


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did you use/set UTF8 in armbian-config locales?

did you remove the LC_ALL=C ?

and all after that reconnect via SSH to get the new setting?


I also got these q's as border when I didnt used UTF8 in PuTTY and armbian-config/locales at the same time (and when LC_ALL=C was also active)


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new login after setting armbian-config to en_US.UTF-8?

the black text background looks strange.

maybe I have to read more about ncurses? :(


you did click apply in PuTTY (then its only for the actual session) or you save it to you actual session (first entry in  change settings)

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