Arm board with hardware accelerated AES out-of-the-box in Armbian?

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7 hours ago, kimidare said:

Does it mean AES CBC will be hardware accelerated out-of-the-box on Allwinner H3 boards when armbian starts to ship kernel 5.5?

Yes. Sometimes we implement such features even before ... 5.5 will probably landed to Armbian DEV kernel in 1/2020 while switching on stable will happen later. In case once wants to have this in the next LTS kernel (5.4.y) it has to be ported.

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I trying to use LUKS on an 5.5 Kernel on an H3 SOC with armbian. The  default cipher of luks currently is aes-xts-plain64 which is fine from a security point of view but as far as i understand the datasheet is not supported by allwinners CE.

I'm struggling to find a the correct cipher name for a aes-cbc mode that will be accepted by the luks and is supported by the kernel.

looking at the cryptsetup benchmark it seems non of the ciphers uses hardware acceleration or at least it is very slow. 


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