Orange PI Win Plus - Restarting

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Hello I upgrade my last version Armbian and after shutdown the system the next day armbian won`t start.

I download newest version burnd SC card an after loading is restarting 30 times.

So I change new sd card burn one again armbian and is the same.

I  use converter from HDMI do VGA - and my experience is that converter very stress CPU so i connect directly to TV with HDMI but is the same

Could You advice how to install Armbian on my OPI WIN PLUS.



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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

10 minutes ago, djmcg said:

Could You advice how to install Armbian on my OPI WIN PLUS.
There is no magic. If build is broken, which is unlikely, but possible, those are options:

- report that image/upgrade doesn't boot in the correct place (which you did)
- install older image from archive and don't update kernel (freeze in armbian-config) until this problem is fixed

- this is amateur based project which has nothing to do with you nor a hardware you use. Support is provided as is. 99.9 % of the costs dealing with hardware and you goes directly from our own pocket. And its Sunday. Keep that in mind.


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50 minutes ago, martinayotte said:

Maybe problems occurs only with "upgrades" ...

I can recreate this problem. And I did fix it ... somehow (trial and error). After applying this (audio patch is IMO unrelated), my Orangepi Win boots, HDMI audio works, BT works ... I hope yours still work. Test image:

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