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Is there anyone from the armbian team interested in making img (I'd prefer ubuntu 18.04) to the maaxboard.
I have such a board and I can borrow it for the time of testing the system. If so, please provide an address.

Maaxboard 2GB RAM boot from sd-card, NXP i.MX 8M - Cortex-A53 Quad-Core  1.300MHZ ( it can run 1.5Ghz) 

I have added solid fan.

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Donate and support the project!

Hello. Information to Igor. I sent information about armbian to Embest (maaxboard manufacturer).
They told me it was very interesting. I don't know if they will apply, it may be so. I have sent similar information to iWave (india) and Phytec (germany) which has also released sbc on NXP. SBC producers based on NXP cpu are based only on Yocto. And this is not easy and time consuming. I just inform you that if someone came to know where it came from. I did not suggest but you could do them for a fee, not free.

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2 hours ago, constantius said:

But maaxboard cost 79 dollars.


Armbian maintenance costs "only" up to 3.000 EUR. Per day. Random folks cover this up to 0.5%. Not much is left for investing into Solidrun, Embest or "yours" well being.

You know where we held sources, clone them, develop support and provide maintenance. Don't get me wrong. Not you, anyone.

Without securing maintenance, this way or another, they will forever remain not supported targets. I will not review not a single line of the code, but project is open, anyone can do that.

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I gave it only for information. Embest company has announced that they will do a Debian port. I built the minimal-core yocto image myself. It lasts on a dual-core cpu haswell. Building an image from Gui is necessary to compile 2000 packages in yocto. I just gave the embest that there is something like armbian. They didn't know that such a thing existed. That's all. I didn't mean to do something for them for free. They should apply themselves if they want to. Support is expensive, i know.

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9 minutes ago, constantius said:

I didn't mean to do something for them for free. 


I understand. But if they don't support Armbian, I will not even talk with them. Since we don't put much into the advertisement, and today only a box matters, most of them thinks this is a cheap service, while I normally lost way more money only by talking to them then they are ever planned to invest into this relationship. And we didn't done anything yet.

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I would like to inform.

There is debian 10 Weston 5.0 image avalaible to download on embest dropbox public site. Xorg can be installed and Xwayland but 3d driver is disabled. Wayland works with Weston and gdm3 display manager. If you prefer Xorg you can install xfce4 or mate desktop and lightdm display.

If lightdm does not work properly please run startx service from terminal.  Best regards

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On 1/15/2020 at 6:34 AM, constantius said:

Yes i know. But maaxboard cost 79 dollars. Solid runs sbc extremly cost high


Oh, I was trying to suggest that sources & patches for a Maaxboard (NXP i.MX8) bring-up could be perhaps be sourced from the Solidrun effort.  I wasn't suggesting that if ya want an iMX8 buy it from Solidrun.  (I do think their stuff is good; there's Cubox-i Armbian support and I've used it.)


Another source for i.MX8 kernel sources might be Robert C Nelson.


(Oh - RCN now has a Rock Pi 4 page,  Interesting to have that option.  I might try that out.)


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Embest provides support for maaxboard. 

You can downlaod image from their dropbox public site

Weston wayland with 3d gpu driver and Xorg only 2D support ( MATE XFCE4 ).  

I think the worse problem is lack of 3D driver to Xorg for NXP i.MX 8M Vivante GPU. 

Best regards

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