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[S905X3] GPU Acceleration with bifrost is really possible in wayland?

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I moved your topic to TV Boxes sub-forum.


I know there is at least one thread dealing with S905X3 in general, although I am not sure they delve into the issue you present, specifically.


I don't own the hardware, and I haven't dug into that thread deep enough to know the material in detail.


So, we leave this thread separate, for now.


If this turns into Research thread, please post whatever resources / info you find. We can always tag it as such later. Then if you get tired working on it, someone else comes along later and can pick up where you left off, etc... We are all standing on the shoulders of giants here. ;)


Good luck!

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4 hours ago, NicoD said:


I haven't tried on the S905X3. I've only seen it work on Midgard. But it's been some time since I tried on Bifrost.
I gave away my S905X3 box so I can't try, but do miss the thing.


Thanks. I will try.

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