luks password prompt not shown


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I've created an armbian minimal image for my pinebook with luks encryption. It works fine but I cannot see the password prompt on screen... the boot process is:

* The armbian uboot is displayed

* Then a black screen...

After a few seconds I'm assuming it is time to put my luks password, so I do it

* Then the screen starts to show the boot text


Is this expected? Am I doing something wrong? I don't want to install plymouth, just the usual LUKS password prompt.



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4 hours ago, Igor said:

This could explain why you don't see the prompt:

Change it to Y and try again.


I tested this feature on some other board + HDMI monitor and prompt was there - as expected.

I tried but still black screen:


root@pinebook-a64:/home/edu# uname -a
Linux pinebook-a64 5.4.23-sunxi64 #trunk SMP Thu Mar 5 13:43:50 UTC 2020 aarch64 GNU/Linux
root@pinebook-a64:/home/edu# zgrep "CONFIG_DRM_ANALOGIX_ANX6345" /proc/config.gz 


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