Waveshare e-Paper on Orange Pi Zero LTS

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I am trying to use a Waveshare e-Paper (2.9") with an Orange Pi Zero LTS. To enable the SPI interface, I have added this to /boot/armbianEnv.txt:

overlays=spi-add-cs1 spi-spidev

and installed WiringPI from Github. The e-Paper module is connected to the following GPIO pins:

VCC: 3.3V
DIN: 19(phys)/11(wPi)
CLK: 23(phys)/14(wPi)
CS: 24(phys)/15(wPi)
DC: 22(phys)/13(wPi)
RST: 3(phys)/0(wPi)
BUSY: 5(phys)/1(wPi)

I have checked the connections by using the gpio command line tool to set all 6 ports above to low and to high, and verifying the output with a multimeter.


Then I downloaded the e-Paper software from Github, and made it compatible with the Orange Pi via the following changes to lib/Config/DEV_Config.c:

1. In DEV_Equipment_Testing(void), comment out the code that checks if the file /etc/issue contains the string "Raspian"
3. Uncomment "if(wiringPiSetup() < 0)", add a curly open brace, and comment out the line after.
4. Change "wiringPiSPISetup(0,10000000);" into "wiringPiSPISetup(1,10000000);" to use spidev1.0

When I run this e-Paper example, nothing happens on the e-Paper display, although I can detect voltage changes on the GPIO ports with a multimeter. The same software works on a Raspberry Pi without problems. Any hints are appreciated!

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Hi @Cumulus,


It has been a while since you wrote this message, so I guess you solved it by now.


I have an Orange Pi Lite and I recently bought a Waveshare e-Paper 2.13" V2.


After a few hours and some reading on the internet, I found the right modifications to make it work with that setup.


Feel free to have a look at https://github.com/Masatrad-com/e-Paper/tree/master/OrangePi



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