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  I've been running Octoprint on armbian for several months with good results of a couple of printers with good performance no relevant problems. Installation process is not complex but I decided to build a simple a plug&play meta-distribution like OctoPi for Rpi boards but based on armbian so it can be used potentially in any of the supported boards.  I started with the popular Opi Zero as it is really cheap and the four cores of the H2+ processor handle perfectly a 3d printer load and is 3 times cheaper than a typical RPI3B that octoPi requires.


You can find it here: https://github.com/ludiazv/octocitrico


Built-in features are:

Core (installed and enabled):

  • Optimized armbian Debian buster.
  • Latest stable octoprint version.
  • Selection of top octoprint plugins.
  • HAProxy with self signed keys for ssl access.
  • Avahi service: Bonjur addvertisement (this enable to acces with host-name.local via ssh or http/s)
  •  SSH console access.
  • USB OTG console access (if available in the board)
  • Enabled i2c-dev,spidev (if available on the board)


3D printer related software (installed but disabled):

  • Klipper
  • PlatformIo core for building 3D printer firmware.
  • Marlin 1.1.x & Marlin 2.x.x firmware (bugfix versions)


Extras (installed but disabled):

  • MPGStreamer USB camera support (experimental)
  • SMB shares to remote edit configuration files from a remote PC.



Feedback and contributions are welcome.


Thanks armbian guys for the awesome work you do.


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