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Remove guidlines?

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I just dropped over this page by accident and I think this is the first time I have seen this since I registered :lol:

I have my doubts that many actually reading those, last but not least it is a lot of text and most is already spreat around to places where it is actually important.


So I suggest to simply remove the page due to lack of value.

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On 10/18/2020 at 11:33 AM, Werner said:

I think this is the first time I have seen this since I registered

well that's probably the problem of that page...

It never got the attention it should. :lol:


the guidlines are missing a few stuff.. e.g. that we refused to give an answer without providing 'armbianmonitor -u' and what the developer forum was ment to be (e.g. nobody ever cared but well.. now all SoCs are considered supported, so at least we can't blaim them for asking stuff anymore..



A support question must include the following:

Board you use

Issue you face

Description of your set-up (e.g. powering, connected hardware, used SD-Card)

'sudo armbianmonitor -u' - this gives us some needed logs which makes debugging a way easier!


We are not 'SBC Whisperers' or mind-readers! We need logs to work with, that's why 'armbianmonitor -u' was developed. If your board refuses to boot with a freshly prepared Image from our download page, please read again 'SD card and power supply' and 'Getting started'. Chances are high that this is a related to SD card and or insufficient powering! If your board refuses to boot after upgrade, try to provide at least a bootlog from serial console. USB-UART bridges aren't that pricey (<  2USD shipped from Ebay/Aliexpress) and worth every cent when you work with SBCs. 


don't throw the sbc whisperers away.. :D it described it as best as we can..

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