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LaFrite not booting after update to 20.11

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I fixed the following issue for my own system for now, but wanted to let you know:


After upgrading the LaFrite from Armbian Buster 20.08 to 20.11 using "apt upgrade" it didn't boot anymore. It showed a message "Ramdisk image is corrupt or invalid", so I checked /boot/uInitrd and it linked to uInitrd-5.9.6-meson64, which didn't exist.


I fixed it by downloading the latest image and replacing everything in /boot except armbianEnv.txt with what was inside the image. Afterwards it booted again. I replaced everything, because the image apperently still is on linux 5.9.6, while vmlinuz and other files on my system showed 5.9.10.


I also realized that initrd.img was missing, too.

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Hi, I just had the same issue again after updating linux-image-current-meson64 to 20.11.3 and also a while ago, when I updated to 20.11.1 (I guess I missed 20.11.2 or I'd have tried that, too). uInitrd was still linked to an old uInitrd-5.9.12-meson64, while it should have been uInitrd-5.9.14-meson64.


Both times I fixed the issue by running "update-initramfs -c -k 5.9.14-meson64" (or 5.9.12 for 20.11.1 of course).

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