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Subscription perks adjusted


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tl;dr. The 500€ subscription has been removed. No one took the generosity challenge :(


As a replacement we added a 20€ monthly subscription to attract people who would like to give more than 5€ but 50€ would be too much.

Existing Small business subscriptions have been "upgraded" to Angel color-wise.



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I agree with the nice lady who brought this up elsewhere, I think we will get more takers at 10 EU / month level.  I know I would like to go up to that, 20 EU / mo being a bit much for unemployed person like myself.


Keep in mind the general audience for these boards and what they cost.  This has nothing to do with what the project "deserves" but rather what people are willing / can afford to pay.  Especially regular little people buying cheap boards.  I guess that is what the 5 EU tier is for.  But some of us I think would jump to 10, in fact I did not realize until just now that wasn't already an option.


Do we want to make 3 nickels, or one dime is the saying here in US (nickel being 0.05 and dime being 0.10)...

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