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Booting Windows Linux ESXi etc. with UEFI on rk3399


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Now we have a preliminary UEFI edk2 port for rk3399 boards with (kind of) working video output.

It is able to boot Windows and Linux with pure ACPI now, though the acpi is quite broken currently.

Windbg used to debug NT kernel over uart is basically working.


You are welcomed to get involved to do some testing or offer some help!

Repo: https://github.com/edk2-porting/edk2-rk3399/





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Donate your old hardware to community. Start a giveaway Raffle!

Windows / Microsoft tried hard to kill GNU/Linux and F/LOSS for many years.  They don't deserve any Nice Things, IMO.  Let them die off already.


And ESXi is proprietary software.  Which also does not therefore deserve any community support, IMO.

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Does it work on OrangePi4? I guess if it can initialize the framebuffer it can help loading NetBSD and OpenBSD. The UEFI provided with Armbian focal desktop does not turn the screen on my computer, so NetBSD also has no screen output.


Can you test your project with NetBSD and OpenBSD ports for arm64 please?

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