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Tinkerboard Buster Minimal dpkg-reconfigure : command not found

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On a fresh Buster Minimal install, what is required to get armbian-config fully functional?


apt install armbian-config 'works' but some functions don't, for instance it fails setting the locale as dpkg-reconfigure errors as 

usr/lib/armbian-config/jobs.sh line 839 dpkg-reconfigure : command not found



In armbian-config I selected 'full firmware package' and rebooted, time zone settings now work.

Was odd that the welcome page said run armbian-config (beta) but it had to be installed manually via apt.

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fresh download just now of minimal image.

debconf is present.

still no armbian-config until

apt install armbian-config


during install

not found

failed to fetch http://deb.debian.org/debian/pool/main/u/unzip/unzip_6.0-23+deb10u1_armhf.deb 404 not found


couldn't get a wired or wireless connection to do armbianmonitor -u


second time pretty much the same


downloaded again and burned image

debconf is present

no armbian config

nmtui to set network

apt install armbian-config

not found

armbian-config install fails

sudo apt update

sudo apt upgrade

N: InRelease changed version from 10.7 to 10.8


still no armbian-config

apt install armbian-config  works

armbianmonitor -u states there is a network problem

armbian-config runs and is able to forget and then activate again wifi

can ping yahoo.com but armbianmonitor -u reports network error


@Wernerplease educate me on how to properly test your fix. I am coming up fast but haven't done that yet... but I do have a build system running.




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1 hour ago, Technicavolous said:

debconf is present.


1 hour ago, Technicavolous said:

still no armbian-config until

also good. Its minimal so even this is not included by default

1 hour ago, Technicavolous said:

not found

Not our issue. Seems like the Debian mirror has issues. Simply retry later.

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