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IRC channels moved to Libera.chat


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tl;dr: connect to irc.libera.chat and join #armbian



Due to the weird stuff happening on Freenode we decided to move our channels to the recently founded Libera.chat network.


The announcement thread in forums as well as our documentation have been updated accordingly.

To make transition more comfortable a relay bot has been put in place to sync messages between the #armbian channel on both Freenode and Libera.


For those who had project affiliation cloaks please drop me a message to get them reassigned. Be sure to have your nick registered with Nickserv beforehand.


For more information about what happened use your favorite search engine or reddit and look for stuff like "freenode hostile takeover" or similar.

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Help Armbian team helping you!

Several channels including our namespace have been hijacked by the new "management" of (un)Freenode IRC. Therefore our relay bot will not longer work.


I strongly encourage everyone to avoid this network in future.

Keep in mind if you registered with Nickserv at Freenode they still have your email address. You may want to drop your account.

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