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Patch Management Process

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18 hours ago, Werner said:

apritzel (or Andre) is a well known mainline developer from ARM with good intention to make ARM support in Linux better for everyone and the old fashion way to discuss patches is the mailing list so he is right when asking to continue doing stuff there so all interested person can give their opinion since they most likely not watching our comparable small repository if something interesting pops up. I am already amazed that Samuel and Andre got in touch here.


But this is going way off topic now :lol:

But.... this is a great topic where we need to start working on a process / protocol for patches like this

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Donate and support the project!

- make those processes tied to the role

- make patch submission under patches@armbian.com (or similar) for better recognition. anonymous quickly made patches are usually ours, where only adjusting was taken place, we add ourselves there

- even those people which are panicking about this, will not be more happy about or help us in any way. We have to do this for ourselves first, general good second

- this is low priority task

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