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/dev/zram.. - Configuration ....




Hello all,

I have a question today regarding ARMBIAN - Linux and the configuration of the ZRAM ....

Under the ARMBIAN for RockPI 4 I have a ZRAM for the SWAP and a ZRAM for /var/log.

Is it possible that I change this configuration and use the eMMC memory for these two areas?

Because the big problem with /var/log is that it is simply too small and thus constantly runs into "ERROR" -> volume full.

Thank you very much and I am looking forward to constructive contributions to solve my problem.

Kind regards 

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When discussing a problem make sure to provide full logs!

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Hey Werner,


thank you very much for this help. And YES, that was it. In first time, I disable the following 2 Services:


* armbian-ramlog.service

* armbian-zram-config.service


With ONLY disabling the service "armbian-zram-config.service", it was not enough. 

But now, it is work and I am happy, because one of my system has still shutdown this night while the volume "/var/log" is going to 100%....

Thank you very much for your help...


Z. Matthias

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