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rockpro64 eMMC armbian 21.08 Kernel 5.10.60 (buster)


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Hey guys...


Having a strange issue since a couple of days. 


We got a couple of new board (10) and all of them are using an eMMC of 64GB.  For an unknown reason, some of them are unable to survive after the first update and reboot using the latest armbian 21.08!  Either, it's not booting from SPI OR at some point we see strange thing as segfault when trying some program!


We try to replace the eMMC but the same eMMC works perfectly in another rockpro64!

I also try to install first the old image with kernel 4.4 and it will survive all the time until we upgrade to 5.10 and then it refuse to boot from SPI!


EDIT:  Did another test, the same board boot perfectly with 5.10 on a SD card!

EDIT2: Did another test, the same board boot perfectly with 5.10 on a M.2 using PCI adapter...  

The problem seems to be related to some eMMC + some board

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When discussing a problem make sure to provide full logs!



Yeah it's all from pine64 store!


After a lot of testing last week!

Only one board is having trouble with kernel 5.x and we test all eMMC, everytime I use kernel 5.x with this board, we start having CPU error and "memory", but pretty sure the memory problem is coming from the processor.


Right now, the board is running with Kernel 4.x, and run pretty well.  I will let it run for a while and after, will do the same thing with kernel 5.x but using a SD card, and will see if we are having the same CPU problem!

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Well I only have (1) ROCKPro64, but I never had any such issues.  Some other people have them as well and they are running reliable.


I am starting to wonder if you got some bad eMMC.  I would carefully test them all, one by one, using f3 as described here.  Take your time and make notes.  And do report back what you find.


When you say 'testing' what do you mean?  Moving them around?  Or did you already test the flash with something like f3?  Or ...?


You probably don't want to be on old BSP kernel (and probably don't need to).  I think that is wrong path / misdiagnosis.


Actually, what are you using to power them?  This could be lack of good power, too.  Check those first, as they are most common (power and media).  In fact make sure your power supply is good before testing the eMMC.

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First and foremost, check power.  Maybe you did not read all the way to the end of my previous post.


Also, please answer questions I asked.



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pls answer questions
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But it's very strange that using kernel 4.x we never got a kernel panic... 

right now the board is running fine with kernel 4.x with an eMMC...


EDIT: after a couple of processing job, the board start acting weird!  Definitely, this board is broken!

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