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Update/upgrade kernel

Walter Zambotti

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I just (several days ago) installed Armbian 22.05 OdroidN2 Jammy XFCE.  It uses kernel 5.10.


Then I noticed there is an alternative version 22.05 jammy XFCE with kernel 5.17.


Is it possible to update to the later kernel from the image I used without re-imaging and starting from scratch?  I have already installed and setup a lot of other applications and data.


I can see i have packages linux-image-current-meson64/jammy (linux-dtb... & linux-headers...) installed. 


On apt.armbian.com I found: (https://stpete-mirror.armbian.com/apt/pool/main/l/linux-5.17.5-meson64/) in the linux-5.17.5-meson64

Name Last modified

Parent Directory linux-5.17.5-meson64

linux-dtb-edge-meson64_22.05.1_arm64.deb2022-05-29 06:58

linux-headers-edge-meson64_22.05.1_arm64.deb2022-05-29 06:58

linux-image-edge-meson64_22.05.1_arm64.deb2022-05-29 06:58


Can I apt install these and expect the upgrade to correctly happen?

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On 7/1/2022 at 6:07 PM, Werner said:

Use armbian-config tool to switch between kernels.



I saw the option and tried it.  Nothing seemed to happen!  It loads 92 packages then warns things can go go wrong and then prompts OK.  So I OK'd but nothing happened!


I get the impression this allows you to switch between already installed kernels, assuming they are installed.  But I don;t know really.

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The tool grabs currently available kernels for your board from repository and replaces the installed one with the selected. Needed packages are grabbed online. If it does not work for you either something was messed up beforehand or tool is broken.

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