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Community Support for Amlogic TV Boxes


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Armbian now has a community supported build target for amlogic TV Boxes (aml-s9xx-box).  You can now build your own builds directly with the Armbian build system.


This is now an opportunity for members of the community to move the support for amlogic TV boxes forward within the Armbian framework.  If you are not familiar with the Armbian build system check out the Armbian developer documentation.  If you have idea on how you would like to see things evolve/change please use this forum to share your thoughts and ideas and submit PRs for any code changes you would like to see.


I am currently testing this code against the four different amlogic based boxes I own, but would appreciate others testing as well.  Once I have completed my testing, I will be updating the FAQ amlogic install instructions with this information.

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Donate your old hardware to community. Start a giveaway Raffle!


I have successfully install armbian on a x96mini.
I just have to follow the instruction here and upgrade the dtb to install it on emmc.
Can it be possible to integrate this dtb in linux-dtb-edge-meson64 package as a new dtb, please?

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Since this should be a community, and I don't have access to a box that has your issue (both of my m96mini's work with the default dtb).  I would encourage you to put together a PR in github for this change and contribute to the community.  However instead of modifiying the existing dtb, I would recommend your patch create a new dtb for your box.  It would also be helpful if you took pictures of the motherboard to see what chips you do have to be compared to what I have to see the differences.  This could also be accomplished through a dtb overlay as well, but I'm not sure how that would work with the extlinux.conf file as standard armbian support for overlays uses the armbianenv.txt file.

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我来自中国广东,我有一些TX3-MINI以及V88的电视盒子,目前有几台运行armbian,他们分别是amlogic s905w以及rockchip3229的CPU,有一个小的缺点那就是旧的系统过几年就会没有apt源,还有WIFI好像不能使用。非常感谢你们的辛勤付出,期待越来越好。

I come from Guangdong, China. I have some TX3-MINI and V88 TV boxes. Currently, I have several running armbian. They are amlogic s905w and rockchip3229 CPUs. There is a small disadvantage that the old system will not have apt source in a few years, and WIFI seems to be unavailable. Thank you very much for your hard work and look forward to getting better and better.

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