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Please add support for FireFly ITX-3588J

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Please add support for the FireFly ITX-3588J.

Note that the Armbian Station M3 latest UEFI image boots unmodified on an SD card on this hardware, with working picture on one of the HDMI ports. (But no USB) So the partition structure is ok.


So it is already close to a usable image once the relevant device tree bits are swapped out.


I am not 100% sure the details yet of the uboot they ship, or even how to just install the uboot part to emmc but when I flashed the complete Debian 11 "firmware" they provide on the website link to the EMMC (using the linux command line loader program over usb-c) it has the uboot that will boot the uefi image from SD card.


Note that 32G RAM+256G EMMC configuration is now shipping also on FireFly 3588 hardware. I asked them nicely way back in like November to give us 256GB emmc instead of 128GB. 🙂

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