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Problems with Orange PI PC (Plus) and TV Out



I've been trying to get the TV out from my OPI-PC Plus for a while, but nothing is working

The pre-installed Android OS on the emmc outputs to the TV just fine, so it's not a cable/tv problem

I've tried both Armbian and some distros found on the OPI forums, but nothing worked.

I messed with the script.bin, using http://linux-sunxi.org/Fex_Guide as a guide, but it didn't work

I'm using a 64GB Samsung Class 10 card, but I've also tried other cards and it didn't work

It works when using HDMI though

Here's my script.bin (I'm pasting only the relevant part)

I'm running the lastest version of armbian (5.20)


advert_disp = 0
auto_hpd = 1
output_type = 2
hdmi_channel = 0
hdmi_mode = 4
cvbs_channel = 1
cvbs_mode = 11
output_full = 1
hdmi_mode_check = 1
disp_init_enable = 1
disp_mode = 1
screen0_output_type = 2
screen0_output_mode = 11
screen1_output_type = 2
screen1_output_mode = 11
fb0_format = 0
fb0_width = 0
fb0_height = 0
fb1_format = 0
fb1_width = 0
fb1_height = 0
hdmi_used = 0
hdmi_power = "vcc-hdmi-18"
tv_used = 1
tv_dac_used = 1
tv_dac_src0 = 0

What should I do now?

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serial console, ssh, wherever you have access to the console... You can also add command to load it at boot, but for that you still have to have access to some kind of console.



maybe you can make tv driver built-in? Seems that this is common issue and mostly chicken - egg problem if user has fresh image without access to the serial console and hdmi monitor.

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But given that you are not the first person with this question, I guess it would be nice to solve it in more general way. But then again, TV out is rarely used.

But didn't you disable tvout in OpenELEC since with it active HDMI troubles occurred? IIRC you removed this from all fex files (at least your commit motivated me to do the same in Armbian's fex files)

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