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ORANGE PI PLUS 2 doesn't recognize keyboard or mouse


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Hello, I bought an orange pi plus 2 and connected it to the power supply, the android that is already installed recognized the mouse and keyboard without any problem. I tried to boot the ARMbian using the version I was given, the orange pi plus 2e version, because there is no direct support for the orange pi plus 2. The BOOt works without any problem, but when I create the user, the system doesn't recognize my keyboard or mouse and I get stuck on the creating user screen. I'm using a 5V/3A power supply and a bluetooth mouse. Can anyone tell me if this is a kernel bug or am I using the wrong version to BOOT? 

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USB won't be enabled automatically by those "Plus 2E" images, at least because it looks like their bootloader's device tree (FTD) doesn't enable the USB1-VBUS switch that powers the Plus/Plus2 on-board hub, and also directly feeds the USB power line to one pair of USB ports. The later wouldn't provide any current, unlike the other pair which is always powered regardless of any software settings.

Then a simple way to know if this is related would be to find a USB device that can turn-on in some way (like lighting a led) even when only plugged in a USB charger, and test if it also turns on as well plugged into one of the USB port pair, but stays off with the other.

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@ssamuelm @Fab85100 @yo8aiv : since you all faced this issue, to find out more about it before resorting to more specific operations, please can you make the above test, then try to boot this image to see if USB is working with it ?https://fi.mirror.armbian.de/archive/orangepiplus/archive/Armbian_22.08.1_Orangepiplus_jammy_current_5.15.63.img.xz or other flavor of the same exact 22.08.1 version. It is an older release for the Plus/Plus2 models with the right bootloader (because it looks like later versions  either won't start or have USB not working as well..), reported to have USB working, so you could eventually overwrite its bootloader to a more recent image, or just upgrade it like @Choryu Park explained here : https://forum.armbian.com/topic/24431-why-recent-images-for-orange-pi-plus-plus-2-does-not-boot/?do=findComment&comment=159236


I personally don't have any of those boards at hand, but I studied their schematics and the different available images bootloaders/device trees for them. Now if you are ready to make more tests and report the results here (clearly specifying the exact image files used) it could also help to narrow down this USB bug in order to fix it in future releases.

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On 8/17/2023 at 11:52 AM, ssamuelm said:

or am I using the wrong version to BOOT? 



You have this board?


If you use some other randome image that sounds compatible, it is expected that something, like USB, won't be working. We would like keep enabled all those devices, but its simply not realistic. There are too many of them and every device represent endless loss of time without any compensation. It also keep prolonging already long build cycles. I have re-enabled generating images but can't tell when they will be on ... https://github.com/armbian/os/commit/49591e9ce3098366684efe27af57b0200799a1f3

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