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Odroid-C2 - no USB


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Odroid-C2 (there was no adequate tag)


After I upgraded my ssd install from 23.11.1 to 24.2.1, the board didn't boot.


When starting 24.2.1 from a fresh sd card, usb and disk leds are on, and the board boots. But they don't show in lsusb.

If I reconnect them after the board is booted, the leds stay off (and obviously they don't show in lsusb).


Of course, booting from external ssd stops at some point, because usb is lost during the boot (when connecting a display, the failures start to happen on armbian services).


Had to restore previous release 23.11.1 from backup on my ssd. Everything works again.

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In this case, I would try it again but with a USB meter plugged into 1 of 4 Odroid USB ports.

Then when it boots up watch for voltage drops, even if it was running fine with the other firmware or system.

Mine board even powered via J8 pin sometimes was not able to initialize the USB controller which is quite strange behavior and I would more likely to expect it when powered via crappy micro USB con.

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Posted (edited)

The USB power has been a growing issue with my C2 for years now. To have the board use the SSD through a USB/SATA adapter, I now have to power the adapter (which has a Y cable) from a neighbour board. It used to work long time ago without the other board "help". So there is probably a weakening component on my C2. Right now the voltage drops between the +5V barrel alim centre, and USB connectors' 5V. I see no rationale in this.


My C2 is now decommissioned (I bought a OPi 3 LTS instead). So I will try to to solder a wire under the board to have the incoming 5V straight to the USB ports. It should not be worse than the Y USB cable bringing the 5V from the neighbour board.

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Oh thanks a lot!

I could probably use the 1st patch to the armbianEnv.txt file: the root volume is on a usb drive, so the 2nd option would not work for me.

But I still believe there is some hardware issue because even when USB ports work, the voltage supplied to is far below 5V. And the issue I have has been getting worse over the years, as if a component was wearing out.

I'll report back when I can give it a try.

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