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I want to help on the project. I really do.


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Armbian is community driven open source project. To keep it relevant and up to date it needs maintenance round the clock. This work is done by a small amateur contributor force which was under-powered since early days and it still is. For most basic tasks!

Any help is more then welcome.



General tips:

  • plan to do things you understand. 
  • expect little to no guidance.
  • focus on common needs and forget what is important only to you.
  • start small.

If you still don't know how to start, attach your questions below in the topic.

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3 hours ago, jata said:

Happy to help

You know how to edit documentation, bash scripting, moderating forum? Perhaps some organising skills? Talking to other newbies? If yes to any, just do it. If no, keep on looking. There is a lot of things to do which does not require any deep technical knowledge but save us precious time. Which we don't have. I have to choose between fixing RC car for my kid or helping you ... 

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That's great so what can I do to help with the latest rock64 kernel 5.4?


Should I get a setup with rock64 plugged into a monitor and then compare the boot info from Armbian_19.11.3_Rock64_buster_current_5.3.11 (working) vs Armbian_19.11.6_Rock64_buster_current_5.4.y (broken)


If this is a good starting point then happy to assist...



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  • Igor changed the title to I want to help on the project. I really do.

Igor, as far as I can tell your documentation omits mention of the SYNC_CLOCK parameter to the build scripts. 

If your build host is a system already synced to NTP, for example by systemd-timedated this fragment from general.sh

    895         # sync clock
    896         if [[ $SYNC_CLOCK != no ]]; then
    897                 display_alert "Syncing clock" "host" "info"
    898                 ntpdate -s ${NTP_SERVER:- pool.ntp.org}
    899         fi

seems to simply mess with the system clock to no purpose.



What is the objective? To force an NTP synch  or to force the time into the log?


timedatectl seems to give correct answers about NTP status even when chrony is managing the clock. I don't have a system to test if it works reasonably with NTPD handling the clock, but if it does, possibly preceding the ntpdate with a check using timedatectl to check if  we are already synched to NTP  and if so skip the ntpdate would be a good idea?


Document the parameter?  If we add the check for NTP synch, possibly remove the parameter?




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