Build framework can't grab resulting deb packages

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Hello guys,


I am trying to build another kernel within your framework. Here is what I did: 

1) copied sun8i.conf to userpaches/sources and modified kernel source url and branch

2) copied patches to userpatches/kernel/sun8i-dev and removed those that made compilation fail 


I was able to compile u-boot and kernel, but in the end I am getting the following issue: 

dpkg-deb: error: failed to read archive '/home/sergey/Projects/orangepi/armbian/output/debs/linux-image-dev-sun8i_5.32_armhf.deb': No such file or directory
[ o.k. ] Kernel build done [ @host ]
[ o.k. ] Target directory [ /home/sergey/Projects/orangepi/armbian/output/debs/ ]
[ o.k. ] File name [ linux-image-dev-sun8i_5.32_armhf.deb ]
[ o.k. ] Runtime [ 3 min ]

The file 'debs/linux-image-dev-sun8i_5.32_armhf.deb' is absent but there is a file named 'linux-image-4.12.0-next-20170621-sun8i_5.32_armhf.deb'.


Logs attached.

What extra changes should I make in build scripts to make it work ?


Thanks a lot.


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Igor, thank you for reply.

Can you give more details, please?


I see that packaging is done in in the following code:


# produce deb packages: image, headers, firmware, dtb
        eval CCACHE_BASEDIR="$(pwd)" ${toolchain:+env PATH=$toolchain:$PATH} \
                'make -j1 $kernel_packing KDEB_PKGVERSION=$REVISION LOCALVERSION="-"$LINUXFAMILY \
                ${PROGRESS_LOG_TO_FILE:+' | tee -a $DEST/debug/compilation.log'} \
                ${OUTPUT_DIALOG:+' | dialog --backtitle "$backtitle" --progressbox "Creating kernel packages..." $TTY_Y $TTY_X'} \
                ${OUTPUT_VERYSILENT:+' >/dev/null 2>/dev/null'}

I am not sure  what I  should tweak here.... 


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1 hour ago, ssuloev said:

Hey Igor


build went fine  BUT...  I am unexpectedly missing /boot/overlay folder in the resulting image.. 

Where should I look at ? 

Seems like it is handled by add-overlay-compilation-support.patch ?




Well, if you removed all patches, you can't expect the same functionality :) There is a lot of added value in there, more than what 4.12 brings. 


Some patches will need adjustment if you go up and down on kernel and we do that each time when version is jumped. I am afraid no other way

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