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Issue identified by Hardkernel folks with ODROID XU4 and 4.9 kernel: 'When a bunch of sequential data(inode) is being sent to the UAS driver, the UAS driver is increasing the DMA block memory allocation dynamically for more efficient ring-buffer management. But the Kernel coherent-pool memory size was limited at 256KB by default and it was not sufficient for the UAS drivers.'


I added this as a temporary workaround to my OMV installation routine but would like to see this fixed on normal installations and also all affected boards too. I've to admit that I neither know how to determine coherent-pool memory size nor what potential downsides of increasing this are. Also no idea how to apply a fix (kernel patch or cmdline modification?)



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3 minutes ago, tkaiser said:

Also no idea how to apply a fix (kernel patch or cmdline modification?)

Looks like the default value is set in arch/arm/mm/dma-mapping.c


so it can be patched instead of altering the kernel command line


This is for 32-bit arm, 64-bit has the same default in arch/arm64/mm/dma-mapping.c

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27 minutes ago, zador.blood.stained said:

A kernel patch is relatively easy to add, easy to remove and the next kernel update will include the new coherent pool size.


OMG, I totally forgot that we need one patch per kernel tree. So I would propose everyone of us touching UAS capable kernels simply adds the necessary increase from 256K to 1MB per kernel when changing anything the next days/weeks.

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2 minutes ago, zador.blood.stained said:

So how would you define a "uas capable kernel"?


All next and dev kernels. Wrt default kernels my believe is we should look starting with 4.4.


Ok, let's look in detail: Stricken through all platforms where UAS isn't working:




I think we don't need to care about rda8810 and s500? Last time I tested with i.MX6 platforms UAS was not available but that needs to be checked. With Armada 38x also no UAS but that needs to be checked too (though I think there aren't that many reasons to maintain default kernel for Clearfogs anyway).


I will check later with EspressoBin. And someone else has to test with MiQi/Tinkerboard.

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Is there an indication that SZ_1M is enough? Synolgoy:  It looks like 1024k was too small for DVB transport in their case, I find this of interest as I can see an OMV setup with TV tuner being a popular use case (personally biased).  I can patch it, although determining if it worked is another matter.  I can not, for what it's worth, come up with any downside to increasing it, unless of course it cuts too much into available RAM.

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