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  1. Updated but untested: https://github.com/armbian/build/commit/7a08a679b8076b8e9049b7e8ae4de26ac24e366d - HDMI out should work - USB as well
  2. Most if not all of our images are tested. Those assumptions might not stand - stock images use different u-boot which could lead to differences and if you use HDD and power via micro USB you are on the power supply edge by bad design. A tiny difference in boot process could crash / not boot the board. Your SD card could be half failed ... in any case we would need a serial console output to nail the problem down. If you get there.
  3. Start with the latest version, then let's debug.
  4. I am getting exactly this one (2G/16G/Gigabit/dual band) to see how it will go.
  5. And check power related problems - Banana is powered via micro USB which is known to cause troubles which manifest strangely. Replace cables, power supply, ... BTW. My Cubietruck - it has a mechanical hard drive and additional USB wifi - is powered with 5V / 4A via power connector. If I try to power it via USB OTG, the board does not power up at all.
  6. It depends on your specific needs. Usually, it's never just about pure calculating power. A theoretical comparison is usually bad way since you (can) have bad kernel/support on those big numbers and the board can still not be used for nothing but (Android) media player ... where top stability is not needed. There is usually no schematics for media players and therefore it's much harder to fix anything. And ... there will not be many people having this player since it's costly. But. It can be better than this and you might get lucky. Sometimes some player works well I put my luck on Alfawise Z28 Pro since it matches chip on Rock64 where we are putting our efforts to. Not that powerful but with more chances of success.
  7. Please provide logs with armbianmonitor -u I am using the same kernel on Cubietruck and it's wifi, which is almost the same, works fine: http://sprunge.us/RMiR I can't check on Banana PRO since I am out of office.
  8. Out until 2.8.
  9. From a current perspective, all I can do is to remove this partially working / invalid patch ... to suppress questions I am tired to write excuses - we are just a few, so don't expect this to be solved anytime soon / up on your needs Our lists are full of such "just this" cases and basic functionality is our core interest in the first place. Perhaps somebody already fixed those patches and they "only" need to find a way to our sources?
  10. If I assume your router is O.K. and all other devices perform normally than this indicates some failure, like a bad antenna, cold soldering ... not a problem which we could fix or assist. Do close inspection, change power supply - make sure it gives you enough current, check voltage drops, ... this kind of troubles can manifest in a strange manner.
  11. We are moving to this new location (with new branch) and with some additional rework: https://github.com/armbian/build/issues/633 ... the new link is not ready yet. Later branches will be merged ... so everything is normal.
  12. Network driver is buggy and issues could manifest in cases when lot's of traffic is involved. Perhaps. Try to rule out onboard wired network, by using some USB based.
  13. I moved affected posts to a new topic in right place - Rockchip sub forum. Overlays help to handle already defined functions, but here this is not the case since overlay support is not done. I am also not very familiar with default settings on this board. Don't have one and in general, don't work much with Rockchips.
  14. Currently, by decompiling dtb, edit and compiling back. https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_Allwinner_overlays/ We recently finished this for Allwinner boards and it needs to be ported elsewhere to have some unified way of manipulating hw settings. Any help on this is welcome.
  15. 15 Mbits/sec is a bit low ... raw speed highly depends on circumstances: distance, antennas, router, interference with other stations, ... I can achieve around 45Mbit/sec with exactly the same chip, but with a normal antenna on both sides, 15-20m distance, one concrete wall and zero radio smog (rural area). It's not a problem of the chip, board or software, but your setup. Small chances are also that there are some bad contacts on the connector, bad antenna cable, ...