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  1. Orange pi zero random hangs

    Yes, you are correct. To soon. I remove them.
  2. Orange pi zero random hangs

    Check most recent preview build. This will be next stable. https://dl.armbian.com/orangepizero/Ubuntu_xenial_next.7z In general, make sure you have good power supply and cables. Wifi rather don't use since it has a very bad chip and driver.
  3. Boot process changed. Start with a new image and don't' update. I hope you understand that we don't care to provide any stability for testing images? They work or not. The file is one path up. Copy it there.
  4. VLC Issue

    What about with stock mplayer? Does it work OK?
  5. @spicedreams Fixed in sources. https://github.com/armbian/config/commit/4ba722496a959bf3b2b477c89e66cce21fec91bc
  6. I see we need to add startup service. Does not want to run from rc.local ... https://docs.syncthing.net/users/autostart.html Will fix this tomorrow.
  7. No. Uninstall is not implemented. Surely it could be done for samba for example, but for some complex install is rather hard to achieve. Armbian provides this utility as is. Last time I was trying to install Syncthing, it was working out of the box. Are you using Stretch perhaps or some 3rd party Linux? The tool itself might report installed components wrongly. It works correctly only on a clean install since checking is done this way: SAMBA_STATUS="$([[ -f /etc/samba/smb.conf ]] && echo "on" || echo "off" )" Sources: https://github.com/armbian/config
  8. Armbian build farm

    Thank you. I just found out its a bad time for upgrading memory - current price > 250€ so my hardware dealer arranged me an alternative which is "only" 200€. Different brand and the only technical diff is single vs double rank. I will see next week if this works. A year ago price for this memory was just little more than 100€ and was waiting for a better price to upgrade Me too.
  9. Rock64 image for server only. Why?

    Board is the development / bring up phase. There will be desktop image ASAP. Thanks.
  10. ODROID C2 - legacy only or not?

    Package repository has been updated to actual state while download page hasn't received an update yet. NEXT kernel is considered experimental but things progressing nicely. We plan to put out next image at our regular update. In the meantime, we provide testing nightly images with NEXT kernel 4.13.x ... accessible under "Other download options and archive".
  11. Tinker board thermals broken post 4.12.0

    Images at download section are updated with 4.13.3 and 4.4.88
  12. CIFS issues from Dev 4.14.0-rc1

    If you are a user, stick to NEXT kernel ... if you are a developer, join the party In areas of your competence.
  13. orange pi zero slow internet

    Are you using OTG port for 2nd ethernet? Try to use a normal USB port. It's accessible via GPIOs but probably disabled by default.
  14. orange pi zero slow internet

    I am not a firewall expert, but you are welcome to paste the code here and we might find if something obvious is wrong. Remember to use spoiler (eye icon in posting tools) when posting long code.
  15. apt-get upgrade kills display

    I plan to update those images in few days. Build NEXT on your own or wait. Wrote on mobile