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Installing armbian on ARM-Cortex-A53 (Amlogic S905W) Android TV box

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I would like to install armbian on my Mecool M8s pro w which has an ARM-Cortex-A53 (Amlogic S905W) processor.


Would anyone be able to please let me know how to do this or give me a broad idea of steps I should take as a beginner?


Thank you



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I have purchaed the MeCool M8S Pro W 2g / 16g box also.


I have not been able to run Armbian on this box via SD card, although I was able to get CoreElec running. I copied the .dtb file from CoreElec and used it with my Arbian config and it did not boot.

I placed the file in both dtb and the dtb folder for extlinux and I edited both config files appropriately. I have tried the provided DTB files to no avail.


If I have a working dtb file with CoreElec; does that mean it WILL work with Armbian?


Thanks for your time.




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17 hours ago, balbes150 said:


hi im using x96mini (s905w) i tried 201, 212 but not work i go back to 20180507 ver (Armbian_5.41.1_S9xxx_Debian_stretch_3.14.29_server_20180507) without error but can boot to home screen is shows REBOOT THE SYSTEM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and over again  ! please tell me what i need to do >thanks 





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