Can't remote access BananaPi with SSH

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Hi guys,

today i wanted to access my BPi with armbian installed remote with SSH.  Terminal says: port 22: Connection refused. I'm able to ping the BPi. At least last week I was able to access the BPi with remote SSH.

When i connect it via HDMI i can see the boot process until it says loading kernel - then the screen turns all black and nothing happens anymore.

If I try to access some installed webservices, the browser says it can't connect.


What can I do?

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Hi martinayotte,


thank you very much for your answer. I do have a FTDI USB dongle and  a Atmel USPasp - what can i do with this? Do you have a Youtube Link for me?


How do I test the SD card for corruption?


Thanks in advance.


[€]: Or an Arduino if you want.

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1 hour ago, BananaGonzo said:

FTDI USB dongle and  a Atmel USPasp

USPasp is useless but FTDI USB is OK : simply attach GND/TX/RX to BananaPi and open PuTTY at 115200 board, and powerup the BPi, you should see booting log until login prompt ...

1 hour ago, BananaGonzo said:

Youtube Link

I don't have any, but there are maybe some already ...

1 hour ago, BananaGonzo said:

SD card for corruption

if you are able to reach login prompt, log as root and do a "fsck.ext4 /dev/mmcblk0p1"


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18 hours ago, martinayotte said:

This is what appears right at the beginning of fresh boot ?

It is almost sure that your SDCard is corrupted ...

Try another one with fresh image.


Ok, maybe.

I installed the freshest Armbian Bionic mainline kernel 4.14.y on a fresh formatted SD - same screen in the console as shown above. Is it just me?

16 hours ago, helper-dialog said:

Can't remote access BananaPi in short = crab, crabs walk sideways, you have to walk forward for it to work

What do you mean?

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23 minutes ago, Igor said:


If there was some corruption or unclean first run, do this:

Thank you Igor - it seems that the service is not running on startup even there is an entry at /etc/init.d :-(

I even tried to set up a cronjob (@reboot).


Doesn't work :-(


This is what its look like after reboot (connected via serial):


root@bpii:~# /etc/init.d/ssh status
● ssh.service - OpenBSD Secure Shell server
   Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/ssh.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
   Active: inactive (dead)



Ok, seems that when I'm connected via serial it is in emergency mode - I have to shut it down completely (shutdown -h now) disconnect power and FTDI, and connect power again.


Now it works...:thumbup:

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