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Some Wifi Issue...


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Hi all,

We try develop remote controlled plug with Orange Pi Zero r1...


We have some problems... We want operation is follow this steps:

1- Powered device...

2- First Start Device is opening with Wifi AP mode (?)

3- Users connect to device with ethernet or Wifi 

4- Go to  ( 

5- If users want to direct control plugs no problem they are using this page Open/Close plugs. 

6- If users want to 'device is connect LAN', they are select LAN selection and if they have wifi, select their wifi SSD and type pwd and click SAVE button or connet with Ethernet. (?)

7- Device is restart and connect to LAN.. 

8- They are see to their router and find device's local ip (like and login to page and control plug... 


Plan is great! I know... But how can we application it i dont know :)

The base problem is Step 2 and 6 


I try select hotspot mode from armbian-config... Its only work connected ethernet wire... 

maybe u say using OpenWRT, i try it but its not stable working... 


I tried those links for step 2





but system is crashed... 


So i'm waiting ur advice... :(  



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9 hours ago, unlue said:

So i'm waiting ur advice... 

Hire competent people who knows something about wifi/networking and are willing to work for you on this project. 


This has nothing to do with Armbian internals which are a part of support on our cost.

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On 11/10/2018 at 1:37 PM, unlue said:

We try develop remote controlled plug with Orange Pi Zero r1...


There's a couple of ways to do this - with your use case, have you looked at ESP32/ESP8266? They have a softAP mode that is intrinsic to the module there, and it's lower cost than the device you're looking at.



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14 hours ago, sfx2000 said:



Yes it's good way but we wanna Ethernet port. esp8266 is not support ethernet but esp32 is supported. However esp32 documents are silender for Ethernet Port... :(


Thank you for advice... :)

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