Better hacking shield for OPi Zero

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Hi all!


I've tried Xulong Extension board for Orange Pi Zero and found it useless waste of my money. Almost two months ago I've decided to make my own hacking shield which allows me much more in terms of control and peripherals. 




 I've tested functionality most important to me and I'm pretty happy with result. I2C works, USB power switch works, power measurement works. Project page on GitHub


Now I'm in progress making peripherals accessible to the system and user.  Userspace tools for python/node/C works and later I will publish tutorial (or more than one) how to make it (because it is not clear to me and take huge amount of time).

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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

[mention=11066]apla[/mention] - nice!
[mention=4652]TonyMac32[/mention] For the FE Neo board - the OLED hat schematics are a good place to start - v1.1 breaks out I2C and UART, v1.4 does Audio and USB Host, the K buttons are UART2
Right, that's why I was looking at the little board. I have some RPi style hats I've made for powering with SPI/I2C broken out, and another with a SPI NOR for booting the RK3288. Neither made it to "production quality", I need to share a few simple ones for people.

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