Marvell issued Armada LSP release 18.12 to general public

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On 12/26/2018 at 8:59 AM, kostap said:

This release is based on ATF v1.5, but is also compatible with mainline ATF v2.0 sources. The the flash image could be build with both mainline and LSP ATF sources


Thank you for the update @kostap.


I built all images for the EspressoBin bootloader (download links: flash-imagessata-images and uart-images).


The bootloader is now updated to the following versions:


U-Boot 2018.03-devel-18.12.3
atf-v1.5 Marvell-devel-18.12.2


SPI Flash supported: stmicro, winbond, gigadevice, issi


V7 EspressoBins are supported - but Armbian Stretch and Bionic images have to be adapted to them.


DDR3 images are for V3-V5 EspressoBins (i.e. V5, 1g-2cs, see log) and DDR4 images are for V7 EspressoBins.


Please flash the images according to the instructions on the EspressoBin download page - just insert 'DDR3' or 'DDR4' into the bubt command string.


EDIT: download links changed to dl..armbian.com


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