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Still no bcache module on 4.19.13

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I just pulled my espressobin back out of the box, re-imaged with 4.18.6-nvebu64, and sparked it up.  Nearly everything just works, I'm so impressed!


The only problem I'm having is that the bcache tools doesn't seem to be providing a kernel module -- at least, none is present anywhere I can find, particularly in the initramfs. 


Any suggestions?

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1 hour ago, martinayotte said:

apt-get install bcache-tools


Yes, well past that.  Reinstalled, reconfigured, the works.   I have:

$ lsinitramfs /boot/initrd.img-4.18.6-mvebu64 | grep bcache

A working system would have an element under lib/modules as well.

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As described here for kernel 4.18.6, the bcache module doesn't build when installing bcache tools.


The bcache-tools package has a /usr/lib/initcpio/install/bcache file, which suggests the use of mkinitcpio... but I don't know enough about module compilation to know whether the bug is in armbian or this package.


Would appreciate guidance on where I should direct this report.

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merged, you even mentioned already an open thread. tssss

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1 hour ago, DS Justice said:

bug is in armbian

Possible but very unlikely. We deal with a small set/sections of board related hardware features while kernel (and OS) functions are a work of thousands of people. We can enable things in kernel config, but if they don't work as they should, we have no resources to fix them.

Perhaps try to hire someone who knows more in this field, have time to focus and can identify where is the problem. Then you will at least know - which maintainer to bother. 

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